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"I can't express enough how great Chris was as the hypnotist at our Dry Grad. He was great with the kids and parents. His show had you on the edge on your seat the whole time and there was roaring laughter throughout the gym from start to finish. Everyone commented on how great the show was. It was age appropriate and he truly found the strength in each kid that was hypnotized! At one time it event looked like a choreographed flash mob!!!"

He integrated the kids into the audience so everyone was kept entertained, even a "private investigator " that would creep up without you knowing and be breathing down your neck while checking out your cell phone!

Honestly, it was great and worth every penny! We even had kids request if he could do two shows next year and get less inflatables. Lol.. You really need to give him a shot, you will not be disappointed!!!"

- Kathy D

It was an absolutely amazing brilliant experience!

- Tammy L

Very professional and entertaining! Good clean fun for any age.

- Megan P

So good, thank you for entertaining the parents at the dry grad.

- Lorenda T

Omg the entire show was so funny!!! I haven't laughed that hard for a very long time. 

- Bonnie M

One of the best shows ever! I was thrilled with the entertainment and so were all of my guests. I never realized a clean show could be this funny! Thank you for making it an event to remember. I definitely recommend hiring Christopher Minor!

-Sue J

Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows

Professional stage hypnotist Christopher Minor, The Funny Hypnotist has been entertaining audiences for over 18 years across the US and Canada!


Combining hypnosis with clean comedy and imaginative skits, The Funny Hypnotist creates high-energy, comedy hypnosis shows that provide unforgettable entertainment, ideal for any event, large or small!  


Professional stage hypnosis for;

  • corporate events,

  • graduations,

  • holiday and staff parties,

  • birthdays,

  • fairs/festivals,

  • ladies night,

  • fundraising and charity events,

  • casino nights,

  • school functions,

  • stags, stagettes, buck and does and weddings!


You can rest assured that all comedy hypnosis shows performed by The Funny Hypnotist are done with age and event appropriate material.


One of a kind, stage hypnosis tailored for hilarious, doubled over laughter guaranteed to leave a positive and lasting impression for all in attendance!


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