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Corporate Hypnotist
Corporate hypnosis seminar on the Words of Power
Christopher Minor presenting on the Power of Mind Over Matter
Keynote hypnosis presentation at The Okotoks Women's Show

Corporate - Seminars - Expos/Trade Fairs - Conferences - Schools - Retreats

Want a fun and interesting talk about hypnosis and how the mind works?


Perhaps learning to engineer your belief systems so you can live the life you want and deserve.


Maybe you just need an interactive speaker to teach success and motivational strategies that actually work. 


These are just a sample of the many topics available.

The perfect mix of hypnosis, comedy, education and life changing processes available in 60-90 minute speaking engagements to full 3-day seminars. 


Contact me for full speaking and seminar schedule or to learn more. 

Live hypnosis demo at the Metaphysical Center in Calgary Alberta
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