I first learned of hypnosis back in 2001 in a psychology class at my local University. It was a very small, poorly explained chapter and did nothing but peak my curiosity. Little did I know, that chapter would forever change my life.


Starting out as a street and impromptu hypnotist in Las Vegas, I learned very quickly that people love to have fun! It wasn't long until I found myself entertaining audiences all throughout Canada and the US with hilariously, exhilarating shows where people can laugh, let loose, and feel good! 


To this very day I continue to apply consistent effort to ensure that every show I perform is inspiring, engaging, entertaining and let's not forget the most important, FUN! 

As both a certified clinical hypnotherapist @

Zen Level Therapy and professionally trained hypnotist, I strive to raise the bar when it comes to leaving every person I come in contact with better than before. 


It has been an exhilarating journey. Being able to provide this type of experience to people, fills me with gratitude and appreciation for the path my life has traveled thus far.

Now, I look forward to providing you and your guests an experience that I can assure you, will never be forgotten.  


Christopher Minor