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Dispelling the Top 5 Myths Of Hypnosis

Most people's personal experience working with a hypnotist is extremely limited so most of their knowledge about hypnosis is usually inaccurate or sensationalized. From Hollywood movies to superstitions, urban legends and out-of date information there is a lot of misinformation circulating freely within today's culture. Let's go over the Top 5 Myths of Hypnosis!

1. I Can't Be Hypnotized!

THE MYTH - This is by far the most popular myth and one I hear pretty much daily. There are so many reasons why people believe they can't be hypnotized. Be it a previous failed attempt by an inexperienced hypnotist, or the experience just not meeting their expectations. The list is honestly endless.

DISPELLED - Truth is, everyone moves in and out of hypnosis all day long, (yes this means you).

There are 2 major groups of people when it comes to hypnosis. Emotionals and physicals.

Physicals tend to find going into hypnosis easier while emotionals require a bit more effort. Most hypnotists are taught direct suggestion hypnosis which appeal to physicals better. Since these hypnotists have little to no knowledge or experience in dealing with the other half of the population you can see how easily a myth that certain people can't be hypnotized could get started and catch on. Everyone can be hypnotized, just not everyone can be hypnotized the exact same way. This is why you always want to work with a professional, experienced hypnotist.

2. I Wont Remember Anything the Hypnotist Says/Does!

THE MYTH - While many books, videos and hypnotists say that during hypnosis the conscious mind goes 'off-line', that isn't entirely true.

DISPELLED - Think about it as if you were having a lengthy conversation with another person. You won't consciously retain everything, however you will retain what you need and make a point to. In deeper states the conscious mind simply pays less attention this is why some people may not consciously remember some things.

The subconscious mind is alert and attentive the entire time so it does in fact retain and remember everything.

One would only have to want to recall everything and they would be able to do so. Also, if at anytime anything is said or done that is detrimental to your well-being while under hypnosis, your subconscious will awaken you and you will remember everything. Your subconscious mind's highest priority after all, is your well-being.

3. I Will Spill All My Secrets To the Hypnotist!

THE MYTH - I'm not honestly sure where this one comes from or why people would think it. I understand the fear behind it though so maybe it just stemmed from the appearance that volunteers on stage are being 'controlled' by the hypnotist and that they have no free will of their own.

DISPELLED - Let's break this into two parts. First, it's hypnosis not truth serum, you are not going to just start launching skeletons out the moment someone asks you a question.

The conscious mind is always around to some degree or another which means you are aware of what you are doing and saying at all times.

Second, things like that would never come up. It's a stage show, not therapy. The chance that you would be asked a question remotely close to requiring you to divulge a secret is around 0.001%

4. I Am Going To Be Completely Controlled and

Dominated By the Hypnotist!

THE MYTH - Stage shows lend to the illusion that the volunteer is being controlled by the hypnotist, giving fuel to the idea that what you are watching is mind control. Hollywood likes to sensationalize the concept of hypnotic mind control as well which doesn't help the issue any.

DISPELLED - Sorry to have to burst that bubble but the only place you are going to find mind control is in science-fiction and fantasy.

Volunteers are never 'out of control' nor will they ever do anything that will go against their moral or ethical beliefs.

I have had many guests tell me when asked if they are going to come up and get hypnotized, "No, I like my free will". Um okay, I mean who doesn't, but I am asking if you are going to come up and get hypnotized not go out and rob banks and steal cars for me. There is a big difference. The amount of hard working hypnotists out there (me included), should say enough to put this myth to bed once and for all.

5. I May Never Wake Up!

THE MYTH - Again, not entirely sure where most of these myths come from. Myths seem to be predicated on a base fear so let's say for arguments sake that people see a stage show and the volunteers do not 'fully awaken' until the hypnotist says so. I'm going to guess that this lead to the belief that if the hypnotist never awakens you, you will never wake up? Sounds plausible to me, so let's run with that!

DISPELLED - Hypnosis is a state measurable by our brainwaves. That is me saying in a very technical way, "you can't get stuck".

Watching a movie or reading a really good book might move you into the Alpha or Theta brainwaves which are the exact same brainwaves your brain is in during hypnosis.

When was the last time you got stuck reading a book or watching a movie forever? Point is, it is impossible to 'get stuck' in hypnosis.

Hope you enjoyed dispelling these myths as much as I did! Give that little heart bottom some love and feel free to share this to help stop the spread of misinformation about hypnosis!


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